What Does It Mean When your Hedgehog Screams

There are a couple different things it could mean if your hedgehog screams…

  1. It could mean something is wrong. Your hedgehog might be hurt!
  2. Your hedgehog could be really scared or upset.
  3. If nothing appears to wrong with your hedgehog and it screamed out of the blue (when it was sleeping) then its just having a nightmare. Everyone has nightmares including hedgehogs!

If your hedgehog screams think about the situation! Were you…

  1. Holding it
  • If so than your hedgehog was probably just frightened

2.Doing nothing with your hedgehog

  • If so it might be hurt. If you can’t find anything wrong than it may have had nightmare. If your hedgehog had a nightmare just pick it up and hang out with it for a while.

When your hedgehog screams it isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it just gets a little scared. I hope this helped you!



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